About Our PTA

Our school PTA is to build relationships among parents, teachers and schools, in support of students as well as help create a friendly learning atmosphere at school. PTA plans and organizes school activities, and coordinates volunteers (from our parents). PTA also serves as a mediating function, providing a neutral forum for resolving conflicts that sometimes occur in schools on controversial issues.

Our current PTA President is Ms. Julie Man; Vice Presidents are Ms. Qing (Mary) Tang and Mr. Guangming Bu. They are dedicated individuals, who successfully organized many events to enrich our Chinese programs in the past school year.

PTA will continue to look for all support and help from students and parents in any future events.

Here are PTA major activities in 2008-2009

September Picnic

October Halloween Party

January Chinese New Year Party

April Hua Xia Star and Track & Field Meets (华夏之星和总校运动会)

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