Notice for 12/14/2019

[School Notice]

Based on the updated school calendar, MCA will open next Saturday (Dec. 21)

School has received numerous complaints from high school. We like to reiterate school policy

No food or drink is allowed in classrooms

Do not touch or use anything in classroom that's not related to Chinese class

School takes the following measures to ensure safety of students.

Exit 1A and Exit 2 (see attached map) can be used to enter and exit building, other doors will be locked from inside when classes are in session (1:30-3:20 and 3:30-5:20) and can only be used as exit.

Traffic will be heavy before 1:30 and between 3-3:30, please give yourself extra time.

We have been notified by police department that all cars must park at designated spots. Police may conduct random check and issue tickets to illegally parked vehicles

Updated parent duty assignment has been posted on school website ( Each family will need to serve parent duty once during the school year to get $100 deposit back






1) 老师不在教室的时候,学生请在教室门口等候;

2) 禁止在教室里吃东西,杜绝携带饮料进入教室。吃东西只能在课间时到大厅里吃(学前班的学生可以在教室门口处 );

3) 再次请家长提醒自己的孩子,不要动用教室内的任何物品,课间不要在教室内追跑玩闹,禁止在课桌上乱涂乱画。有何需求向老师报告处理,若有物品损坏,请及时报告校方,不要隐瞒;

4) 任何学生包括助教禁止使用老师的桌椅,老师们也不要使用教室内的办公用品。


1) 在各班任课老师没到的情况下,请学生和家长在教室外面等候

2) 不可以在教室里吃东西。杜绝携带饮料进入教室。吃东西只能在课间时到大厅里吃(学前班的学生除外 )。

3) 提醒孩子们勿擅自动用教室里的物品,尤其是学前班的和低年级的孩子,不可以在课桌上乱涂乱画。若有物品损坏,请及时报告校方。

4) 任何学生包括助教不可以使用老师的桌椅。

5) 除了1A 和 2两个门之外,1:30-3:20;3:30-5:20上课期间其他所有出入口只出不进,请不要在外面敲门喊里面的人开门

6) 所有在楼道内的家长和学生严禁给门外的任何人开门。

7) 请家长值班员严格遵守家长会交代的任务,严禁给任何人开门。

8) 请所有家长值班员、义工、老师及全体家长,看到学生下课期间有不遵守规定的行为,给予制止。





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